Let's get that name recognition up!

Iowa needs your help phonebanking! If you can set aside an hour to be trained by only the finest of our Iowa Yang2020 staff, you too can – by proxy – have multiple votes in Iowa!

Phonebank Iowa by signing up through this form. Or if you are local another option isĀ  visiting our offices and helping there, sometimes with heavier priority phonebanking!
You can go to Yang2020.com/volunteer and fill out your information and select textbanking, you will be linked to a Slack (which you can find here) which is a fancy chat client the campaign uses to help us volunteers communicate with each other and them in an organized manner. There will be directions in the channel, but if you need help just ask!
The recommended way is to go through Yang2020.com/volunteer to find a local gang, however if you’d like a more direct approach or you can consult our list of office contacts across Iowa to get in touch with one of our staffers!

Also if you’re very keen to help you can, in addition, join volunteer coordination across iowa. Visit YangGangIowa.com for more details.

If you can do either of these, please find @YGtranslations on twitter or join their Slack and ask what you can help with. Most likely there will be something for you! Usually it’s updating campaign promo materials for different languages. Also let me know through our contact page, I can use help from time to time as well!

If you’d be interested in helping with this website or with HumanityForYang.com please send an e-mail my way for either, or get in touch with @ygtranslations for the latter.