The suspended campaign has transitioned into a new organization called Humanity Forward.

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Andrew's Background

On the offical site you can read Andrew's background and why he is running for president in his own words, or watch his concise explanation of his background and why he is running in this three minute video. However as this is a grassroots site, I must include one of the best grassroots-produced introductions to Andrew Yang and his campaign. 

As someone who supports him, I'd like to mention some notable things he does not mention often:

  • Andrew is not a billionaire, he is actually just barely a millionaire. You can also read up on his tax returns if you would like.
  • Andrew's father grew up on a peanut farm in Taiwan and lived in a home with no floor before studying hard and graduating with a PhD in physics before coming to America. Afterwards he went on to create 69 patents over the course of his career. You can read more about Andrew's family here.

Links (common questions, videos, and articles)

We definitely could have used more room for links on the doorhanger, but hey! Now that you're here you don't need to manually enter a bunch of web addresses.  And if you'd like to see a chronological listing of pretty much every appearance Andrew's made in Iowa, check this page!
One thing I have to make mention of is that although folks that have heard of Andrew usually know about his flagship proposal of a Freedom Dividend, they aren't usually aware of how this is an old idea dating back to around the founding of our country: Thomas Paine was for it, as was Martin Luther King Jr. before he was killed. Well known economists such as Milton Friedman supported it decades ago, and the most prominent macroeconomist in the world supports Andrew's version of a universal basic income.
More importantly, the Freedom Dividend is not the only proposal exclusive to Andrew among all the candidates. See the links below for more information! - The official website! You won't find a better resource for all of his proposals. - Andrew has probably done the most long-form interviews out of any other candidate running, and this is a searchable database of those videos for answers to common questions. I say common but it has over 130 answers! - Show your friends and family in Iowa (or elsewhere!) how much their community will also benefit from the Freedom Dividend.
Iowa Liberty and Justice Speech - Back in November Andrew came to Des Moines and in between Biden and Warren gave his pitch to Iowa. 
Joe Rogan Interview - While just slightly outdated today, this was the interview that put him on the radar of millions of people. It's definitely what got me board, well this and a host of other long-form videos/content I delved into over a few days. 
100 Reasons to Support Andrew Yang - A supporter went through and extensively cataloged a 100 reasons to vote for Andrew Yang. In the announcement for their effort they wrote "it was easy!".

"But I'm conservative!"

Believe it or not it wasn't an accident this doorhanger landed on your door. These doorhangers were made by supporters and we believe if you dig in you'll find Andrew to be a candidate worth considering. He isn't ideological; he just wants to find the best solutions regardless of who is bringing them forward. "Humanity First" isn't just an empty slogan, you can see it both in his character and across his policies.

Other candidates have very different version's of similarly named policy's. Andrew's version of Medicare for All differs significantly; he does not want to get rid of private insurance but rather push towards a public option that will compete with private insurance and compel them to offer better service instead of just ratcheting up their prices every year. Think modest copays in a plan you don't have to buy into, it's just yours. Andrew knows we can't just up and remove the insurance industry, if legislation like that can even make it past Congress in the first place. I am still a fan of Bernie but in my opinion it's unrealistic to say we could transition people in the insurance industry when government job retraining programs have a terrible historical success rate and this particular industry is seeing automation creep up relatively quickly compared to others.

On the subject of climate change, he also further separates himself from other candidates who don't seek to put forth realistic solutions such as nuclear energy and geoengineering. Often he reminds his audiences that the United States only accounts for about 15% of global emissions, so while we can do a lot it needs to be encouraged as more of a global effort if anything's really to be done.

Extra links for you to consider from both sides of the aisle:
Ben Shapiro Interview
Tucker Carlson Interview
Van Jones Interview

Ezra Klein Interview

Latest office opening!

On the 23rd of November Andrew opened two new offices in Iowa, check below for a link to watch or if you’d like to see all office locations check here


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